No one is able to read stored QR code data. Decoded QR codes are checked for rarity then encrypted and saved to the database to stop cheating and protect privacy.

No uploaded images scanned for QRcodes are saved to the server these are scanned then immediately discarded.

Generate your own QRcode here:

Enter a web-address

Camera QR scans

Users with a device with a camera available are able to photo QR codes live by clicking on one of the QRs displayed around the site and clicking 'use camera function' on your device. Followed by taking a photo of a QR code.

QR file uploads

If you do not have a camera available on your machine you can scan QRs by uploading image files that contain QRs instead.

An easy way to play is to create a folder on your hard drive and generate a load of random QR code image files above then save them in there.

This way you are able to work your way through the folder without having to keep coming back to generate more QR codes one at a time.