QRcodes (QRs) are designed so you can share long web addresses in a fast and convenient way between devices with others, for example the QR on the home page when scanned with a QR Reader will bring you to this game’s home page.

This game is about promoting QRs and their use in real world scenarios, as well as an experiment in 'mining' QR codes like we 'mined' the Bitcoin Blockchain, only while using alot less electricity.

QRfest is a modern take and a nod to both Warhammer Quest and a great hand held console game developed in the mid 90's called Barcode Battler.

Barcode Battler required a hand held console to play back then where QRFEST utilize's a user's mobile camera function on their device as to take live photos of QRs as to participate in the game and QReconomy.

To start the game take a photo of a QRcode live by clicking on the QR displayed on the home page or upload an image file there from your machine with a QRcode in it.

Once you have created a character and an account you can still scan QRs manually or by uploading them or for convenience you can then auto generate a QR by pasting in a web address followed by clicking ‘GENERATE QR & DISCOVER A FIND!’.

PC and all users are able to upload QRcodes as well as generate QRs to use and share with others here.

While this game is an experiment enabling players on all devices to scan new QRs for: items, minions and equipment as to; add to their character sheet and collections, to sell and trade items; to risk items and minions in the arena for the chance to win and lose them.

The game acts as a platform for the community to work out how common/rare/frequent/infrequent QRs are in real world terms as we go about scanning: posters, boxes, packaging, shop windows, websites and much more...

QRs can only be scanned once where each scanned QR is rated on a tiered system receiving a rating from tier 0 to tier 10 depending on how common/rare it is. The more unusual the QR (Tier 0 being the most common) the better chance of rarer finds.