How to

The game starts with creating a character. You can do this in two ways

1) Click above on the 'QRs' link, where you can create a QR code to save then upload to the home page by clicking on the QRcode displayed there and choosing 'upload an image'.

2) By going to the home page, clicking on the QRcode displayed there then using your device's camera to take a live photo of a QRcode.

After creating a character players can discover 10 new items, pieces of equipment or minions each day - as well as fight others to win and lose items and minions in the arena. Note: You can't win or lose equipment in the arena.

Base points and percentages of your character are marked in white on the left, where base stats plus total modified points and percentages from: minions, items and equipment, decorations and traits are displayed to their right in gold.

Items are able to be bought and sold to the items shop where different tiered items have different tiered sales taxes as to balance the QR economy.

Different shops cater to different tiered items.

Visiting a shop is not guaranteed on the day you would like to visit, events such as bandits, the weather and strangers you may meet can effect your right to passage.