News timeline:

> PHP is updated to 8.2.

> AI image generated inventory is added.

> Account, contact and stats section added.

> Event scripts for the shops now complete.

> SHA account updates and password reset script complete.

> Starting to implement random events when travelling to the Item Shops.

> Testing and debugging the Item Shops for security.

> Upgrading the entire game to a higher encryption level SHA512.

> Completing the items markets in the adventure section of the game.

> Started implementing 5 different markets as to buy and sell items to including events on route to the market.

> Auto generate QR codes to be uploaded automatically added to daily QR searches once logged in! Such a meaty piece of code :-p

> Condense minion army added as well as added to the graphic design

> Condense items function added

> Finally the fight code begins for the arena!

> Bots are added to the game to manage the statistics pages for users to watch the traffic on the system.

> The front end of the game receives some extra much needed color and graphics! :-p

> Cross referencing algorithms to calculate player attributes and live server stats are completed.

> Players can now search 10 QRs a day as to find new items, equipment and minions! A shop to sell items to is now in place!

> Initial starting characters, items, equipment, minions, decorations and traits are added to start populating the game.

> Full player structuring is added as so players can save a 1000 items to their accounts plus 1000 minions!

> New player creation is complete and a login for players is started.

> QR Festivalreceives a MySQL structure for login and registry for starting character.

> The PHP coding for the tiering of QRs which are going to be scanned on the system as well as the QR scanning and decoding script are complete!

> The idea for QRfestival is formed and a design for the tiering system for the QRs that are to be scanned is story boarded with the presentation work in HTML, CSS, JSON and AJAX started.